What a question! Does anyone care? Is it important?

It might be important to some and it is definitely important for me to know WHY.

I am compelled to write this blog because God has laid it on my heart. I have not been able to get away from it and I have procrastinated too long. Through a lifetime of experiences both following the Lord to one extent or another and at other times not at all He has brought me to where I am. I am convinced it is for my benefit, to His glory, and to be of help to others, that is, to those who have a heart for whatever it is that God has for them through this. In some ways I would rather not bother with expending my limited time and energy this way. But, again, I am compelled to. May God be glorified and may you and I be benefited.

I write and proclaim what God has laid on my heart because my heart aches for the edification, strengthening, and encouragement of others. Many are hurting and suffering, struggling and stumbling because they either do not know or understand what God has said to us in His word or they do not know how to apply it to their lives. They don’t know how to interpret what is happening in their lives and what God is seeking to accomplish. I ache because there is so much inadequate and distorted teaching out there. I do not claim to have an exclusive lock on the truth, but a simple return to the Word will dispel much falsehood. I probably have nothing original to say. I can only speak what has been given to me directly through the word or through others by direct relationship or through good books. But I can share these things as they have come through my life, and perhaps that can be helpful.

I share because multitudes are locked in religion and rules but have not discovered the freedom and victory of RELATIONSHIP with their Heavenly Father, whose call to them is to simply to trust Him in and through all things and let Him love them.

WHY should you READ this blog? Perhaps you shouldn’t. But if you read and find yourself encouraged, lifted up or challenged or angered, quite probably you should. And you shouldn’t stop with the reading, but check out all things with a thorough reading of God’s word and by prayer, seeking only God’s way regardless of what you have heard or been taught or received by way of church or other tradition or from culture and society. God’s word is final truth and authority and judge of all things.

Finally, I am open to comments and questions, which I will seek to address openly and honestly.

May God bless us all in this endeavor.

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  1. THANK YOU brother for being willing to risk what others “think of you” in exchange for His grace and knowledge, encouragement, and love that will be extended to those who are blessed enough to read what’s on here. Write with all your heart – always!


    Chantelle (and Ryan Henderson)

    P.S. I am subscribing to your blog so from now on when you post something new, I get an email! YAY!

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