I have been painfully reminded this week how quickly and easily one is placed in conflict with others if he simply proclaims the Word of God as it applies to living life in this world. This conflict arises not only with the lost, but also with fellow believers. It saddens and hurts me to see this preponderance of biblical ignorance among those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I do not use the word “ignorance” as a slam but in its simple meaning of not knowing or not being aware of something. How are we going to know our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father if not by His Word? How am I going to know truth if not by His Word? How am I going to know love and what it really is if not by His Word? How will I know God’s way and how to live life if not by His Word? And how can I rightly examine myself, my heart and all that the world presents to me if not by His Word?

I type this through tears in my eyes and sobbing in my chest because brothers and sisters are so easily led astray because they do not really know God’s way. Most think they know. They have picked up a few tidbits here and there. They have done some reading or listening. But it takes more. The way of the Lord is really quite simple once you let the Word bring it to you. It is to trust God and to love others. But the reality and depths of what this means and the enablement to live it out only come through a deep and abiding involvement with God through His Word.

And the approach to God through His Word is not just to attain some knowledge by reading. There is that. But I must approach God in His Word with a humble and open heart with a desire to know Him and His way, no matter how different from what I think I already know. I need to set aside all previous teachings and preconceptions and religious convictions and reservations. Because it is a process of God changing my way of seeing, thinking and understanding just about everything in me from the inside out.

So I encourage you, and myself. Get into the Word. Let the Word get into you. Submit yourself to the Word and let the Word examine you. You don’t come to God’s Word to examine it and to pick and choose what is acceptable to you and to do away with the rest. It is all from God. If you do that then you reject God in that area, and believe me we don’t want to do that. This Word is God speaking to us and making Himself and His ways known to us. Please, please, please devote yourself and a good portion of your time to the pursuit of God through and in His Word.

This challenge and reminder is for me as much as for anyone else. Because of some communications with some people very dear to me I am devoting myself to a renewed reading of the four gospels. I will be reading them, not once, but several times in order that I can examine my understanding of Jesus and His teachings and His way and His person and seek to be as complete in that at this time as I can.

It is my hope and prayer that you hear the voice of the Lord calling you to a fresh reading and immersion in His Word.

May God bless you all richly and may you bask in His love and peace

Prodigal Pilgrim 41144

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  1. Brother…this blog has convicted me to the core and I will be joining you as soon as I log off this computer in reading the 4 gospels again. WOW…..this is the most powerful quote from what you wrote “Get into the Word. Let the Word get into you. Submit yourself to the Word and let the Word examine you. You don’t come to God’s Word to examine it and to pick and choose what is acceptable to you and to do away with the rest. It is all from God.” You are so right! It is so easy falling into a pattern of picking and choosing what we will or won’t be or do based on God’s word. I am guilty of that. I am getting fed much from your blogs so please KEEP WRITING!

  2. My our Lord bless you as you seek His face. I’m looking forward to reading how God is working in your life and what he is showing you.

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